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black midi [Hellfire]

July 15 street date. London three piece black midi present their third album, "Hellfire". Written in isolation in 2021 almost immediately after its predecessor, black midi pick up right where they left off. Building on the melodic and harmonic elements of "valde", and expanding on the brutality and intensity of their debut ("Schlagenheim"), "Hellfire" is their most thematilly cohesive and intentional album yet. As lead-singer Geordie describes it: "if "valde" was a drama, "Hellfire" is like an epic action film" that delves into overlapping themes of pain, loss and anguish. But as always, the type of music black midi play isn't as important as its quality, and whatever you think about their music isn't as important as how you feel about it.
Black Stone Cherry [Live From The Royal Albert Hall Y'all! (2LP)]

June 24 street date. On September 29, 2021 - the year of the band's 20th anniversary - Kentucky's favorite sons, Black Stone Cherry realized their childhood dream of playing at the legendary Royal Albert Hall, London. And they don't disappoint as they open with the explosive "Me and Mary Jane". From clubs to arenas and Festival headline performances, no one puts on the kind of show that these boys do. They tear through an impressive back talog, playing songs from their most recent studio album "The Human Condition" through to their biggest hits and fan favorites. The band have always belonged to the fans and vice versa, which is why when you hear those songs emanate from the stage and then sung back, every fan in the world n close their eyes and remember either being there or imagine being there and the sheer joy and pride in the boys for realizing a dream.
rolan, Robin & Sebastian Gainsborough [The Northman (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2LP-black)]

Please note new street date: July 22. Composers Robin rolan (Tri-Angle Records) and Sebastian Gainsborough (Vessel) were given a task of epic proportions when director Rob Eggers ("The Witch", "The Lighthouse") asked them to create the score for his ambitious and highly anticipated new film "The Northman". They needed to make a score that both honored the immense research that had gone into the authenticity of this Viking era period piece and complimented the cinematic maximalism of the film for a modern audience. The artists stretched themselves to the depths of their creativity and the resulting album is a gorgeous sonic tableaux that places the listener right in the center of the film. While arranging the score the composers consulted musician and ethnographer Poul H?xbro for inspiration and insight into the history of Viking music. Having backgrounds in leftfield electronic music, Robin and Sebastian felt liberated by the constraint of using a small selection of musil tools for this piece. The album as a whole is a cinematic masterpiece of sound and ambiance, both gorgeous and disturbing, like the film it so beautifully accompanies.
Charles, Ray [A Message From The People]

June 17 street date. Originally released in 1972, "A Message From The People" remains one of Ray Charles' most celebrated albums, as well as the most socially-conscious work of his six dede reer. The record directly confronts societal ills of poverty and injustice while offering a universal message of brotherhood and hope for peace; topics that are as relevant today as they were 50 years ago. The album includes such classic tracks as "There'll Be No Peace On Earth Without All Men As One", "Abraham, Martin and John", the Gospel infused "Lift Every Voice and Sing" and "Heaven Help Us All", and Ray's iconic version of "Ameri The Beautiful".
Collins, Albert [Cold Snap]

Please note new street date: July 22. First time available on vinyl in 30 years! Originally released in 1986, "Cold Snap" was nominated for a Grammy Award in the "Best Traditional Blues Recording" tegory. The album features some of Albert Collins' most popular tracks like "I Ain't Drunk", "Lights Are On But Nobody's Home", and "Too Many Dirty Dishes". The Master of the Telester's last Alligator release, and his favourite, "Cold Snap" finds him backed by a hand-picked all-star band featuring organist Jimmy McGriff and guitarist Mel Brown, plus the Uptown Horns. All tracks remastered. "Cold Snap" has sold over 100,000 units in the U.S.
Delite Steve [After Hours]

July 8 street date. Under the name Delite Steve, guitarist extrodinaire Steve Marion has spent the better part of the last dede establishing himself as one of the most wildly innovative and widely revered players in the game. He's recorded with Paul Simon, been sampled by Kanye West, toured in the Black Keys, and released four critilly acclaimed albums of genre-bending instrumental music. Written and recorded on a white 1966 Fender Stratoster that reignited his love for the instrument, Delite Steve's warm and ptivating new album, "After Hours", marks a first for Marion, an earnest, easygoing collection that revels in the simple joys of plugging in and playing. The songs are sweet and breezy here, pairing vintage soul grooves with mesmerizing, wordless melodies, and Marion's production work is subtle and restrained, stepping back in all the right places to let the album's masterful performances speak for themselves."After Hours" is a dreamy, introspective album built for late night comedowns and deep dive soul searching; a cinematic, espist fantasy for the wee hours of the morning that draws on everything from Bill Withers and Sly Stone to Pharoah Sanders and Salvador Dali as it explores memory and nostalgia, instinct and intuition, serenity and transcendence.
Distillers [Sing Sing Death House (green/Anniversary edition)]

June 24 street date. New coloured vinyl pressing to celebrate the 20th anniversary of The Distillers' iconic album! Improving on their very fine, self-titled debut album, "Sing Sing Death House" is battle-srred and resolute, but Brody's tough voice is more expressive than your average punker's and especially affecting when she flaunts the full range of her throaty snarl. On "Sene Falls", an appreciation of the women's suffrage movement set to chugging guitars and a thumpity-thump bass, there's an exceptional, goosebump-inducing though unintelligible chorus, which soars above the music beuse of the emotional quality of Brody's howl. Otherwise, the music is quite stirring, coming from a gang of gutter-punks with lip piercings.
Elevator Through [Vague Premonition "Extra 2LP edition"]

July 1 street date. Recorded in autumn 1998 at Chemil Sound in Toronto, with Daryl Smith and mixed by Jack Endino, the "Vague Premonition" LP was Elevator's last album with Sub Pop, and is now fully remastered and sounding better than ever. The second LP in this package features the original soundtrack to 1998's "THE SUCH", which is finally appearing on vinyl for the first time ever, plus 8 more songs from the band's spring/summer 1998 home sessions. As usual, the high quality packaging features freshly snned original and unreleased artwork, lyrics and download codes.
Fleet Foxes [A Very Lonely Solstice]

July 1 street date. Robin Pecknold brings light to the bleakest of winters with Fleet Foxes' ‘A Very Lonely Solstice,’ a 13-track reer spanning collection recorded in December 2020, at Brooklyn, NY's St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Church. The recording was originally broadsted as a live-stream event on the winter solstice of 2020, just days after New York declared a state of emergency tightening restrictions again in response to increasing COVID-19 ses. Pecknold describes the set as "me by myself on the longest night of the year... honoring the loneliness of 2020 with a nylon string and some songs new and old". Fans worldwide tuned in while quarantined at home, finding solace and a sense of community in a period of extreme isolation. Much of ‘A Very Lonely Solstice’ showses a solo focus on Pecknold who offers up acoustic arrangements of fan-favourite songs spanning Fleet Foxes' talogue. Selections cover all four of the band's studio albums along with a cover of Nina Simone's "In The Morning" and a rearrangement of the traditional "Silver Dagger".
Interpol [The Other Side Of Make-Believe]

July 15 street date. Interpol's 7th LP "The Other Side of Make-Believe" breaks fresh ground for the group: parallel to exploring the sinister undercurrents of contemporary life, their new songs are imbued with pastoral longing and newfound grace. Daniel Kessler's serpentine guitar arrangements crest skywards, Samuel Fogarino shatters his percussive precision into strange metres, while Paul Banks' sonorous voice exudes a vulnerability that is likely to tch most long-term fans of the band off guard. After all, says Banks, "there's always a seventh time for a first impression". On "The Other Side of Make-Believe", the band's deep interpersonal understanding means each member respects the other's respective strengths more than ever, letting Interpol's elemental qualities shine through. Ever the paradox, they have weathered nearly seven albums' and several line-ups' better than anyone might have predicted, never letting their sense of purpose or dedition espe. A quarter-century into their lifespan, Interpol are all fired up again.
Jarvis, Yves [The Zug]

June 24 street date. Elastic artist Yves Jarvis has announced his new album 'The Zug'. Like the many works under Jarvis' belt, 'The Zug' is an entirely self-produced venture. From instrumentation to engineering to artwork, the autodidact has forged a bastion for vanguard exploration within which no holds are barred. These creative mediums coalesce into a higher order of consciousness, depicting the cosmic dance we both represent inwardly and engage with outwardly.
Magnetic Fields [House Of Tomorrow EP (Peak Vinyl/colour/re-issue)]

June 24 street date. In 1992, "The House of Tomorrow", a four-song 7-inch on a small indie label, ushered in a new era for The Magnetic Fields. When Susan Anway, who sang on their early albums "Distant Plastic Trees" and "The Wayward Bus", left the group, Stephin Merritt stepped up to the microphone. Likewise, the arrangements and production of "The House of Tomorrow" felt less polished overall than on its predecessors, even as the band’s sound was evolving. "The House of Tomorrow" rose in stature upon re-release on CD in 1996, with a new addition, "Alien Being" (previously relegated to the flip of the "Long Vermont Roads" single), boosting its modest track list from four songs to five. Although this new vinyl edition of "The House of Tomorrow" includes an etching of Buckminster Fuller's visionary D.I.Y. Dymaxion House, Stephin laments the sluggish pace of architectural innovation.
Mobb Deep [Infamy (2LP-marbled copper)]

July 15 street date. The fifth studio album by the Infamous duo of Prodigy and Havoc was originally released just over 20 years ago on December 11, 2001. The album features Mobb Deep Queensbidge affiliates Infamous Mobb and Big Noyd and was certified Gold. To commemorate "Infamy"'s 20 year anniversary, Get On Down is proud to present this limited edition marbled copper vinyl reissue for Mobb Deep fans worldwide. Limited to 2001 copies, with stamped numbered obi.
Perfume Genius [Ugly Season (2LP/music to "The Sun Still Burns Here")]

June 17 street date. The music of "Ugly Season" was written for Perfume Genius and choreographer Kate Wallich's immersive dance piece, "The Sun Still Burns Here". The work, commissioned by the Seattle Theatre Group and Mass Mo, was performed via residencies in Seattle, Minneapolis, New York City, and Boston throughout 2019. During this time, Perfume Genius shared two of the dance project's compositions - ‘Pop Song’ and ‘Eye in the Wall’. "It's the sound of dancefloor euphoria", said Pitchfork. Now the entirety of the project's original music n be heard in the expansive dance-centric double LP, "Ugly Season". The album, produced by Perfume Genius and GRAMMY-winning producer/collaborator Blake Mills, was created in collaboration with Mike Hadreas' long-time partner Alan Wyffels. Perfume Genius will support the release this summer with a nadian show at the PNE amphitheatre in Vancouver.
Redd Kross [Neuroti (Peak Vinyl 2LP/colour/12 bonus tracks)]

June 24 street date. Merge Records is thrilled to reissue "Neuroti" by Redd Kross, the 1987 power pop and alternative rock opus celebrating 35 years in 2022. The original album is remastered by JJ Golden (Pearl Jam, Thee Oh Sees) and then paired with 12 unreleased demos rediscovered in the archive of original A&R guy Geoffrey Weiss. "Neuroti" could be viewed as a "This Is Your Life"-esque document of what brothers Jeff & Steve McDonald had been working toward creatively since starting Redd Kross in their Hawthorne, living room cir 1978. The songs quake with punk rock fury. And how could they possibly have shaken off the untamed energy of their early Red Cross years which laid a foundation for Southern lifornia hardcore punk and DIY culture alongside bands like Black Flag, Circle Jerks, and Descendents? But fury is only part of their formula. To find the other parts, travel back to the 1970s, when the McDonald boys lived for nothing but Saturday morning rtoons, sugary cereal, bubblegum pop singles, Beach Boys LPs, Partridge Family TV specials, and the arena rock guitars of KISS and Cheap Trick. The double vinyl edition - the album on translucent turquoise, the demos on translucent orange - arrives in a slick gatefold jacket.
Refused [Songs To Fan the Flames Of Discontent (2LP/25th anniversary/blue)]

Please note new street date: July 8. 25th anniversary edition, including never before heard and previously unreleased demo tracks from the album. The second full-length release from Sweden's Refused, "Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent" was released in 1996 to uniform praise as the group's worldwide following grew in both numbers and intensity. Signifying a musil evolution that culminated with their masterpiece "The Shape of Punk to Come", "Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent" is perhaps the most metal offering in the group's talogue. Consistently aggressive, the stacto guitar riffs and drumming rest directly on top of the beat, giving this tighter, later-era Refused material a thick sound that retains its punk energy. A truly definitive late-1990s hardcore disc, "Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent" is a first-rate record from one of the best, most aggressive hardcore bands of this or any era.
Sande, Emeli [Let's Say For Instance (2LP)]

July 8 street date. Now on vinyl! Introduced to the world ten years ago, Emeli Sandé MBE has become an icon of British singer-songwriting; emotional, honest, and prolific in the kind of manner that cements you as a go-to artist for heartfelt pop sensibility. In 2021, it's time for a reintroduction. Newly signed to independent label Chrysalis Records, Sandé has freed herself from the expectations of others in order to make an album of expansive creativity, flexing her holistic skills as a songwriter, producer and volist in new, versatile ways. Something of an artistic rebirth, it draws on old familiarities and brave beginnings, uniting fans old and new in her endless drive to use music as a tool for inspirational lift.
Smile [A Light For Attracting Attention (2LP)]

June 17 street date. "A Light For Attracting Attention" is the debut from The Smile, but they're "not The Smile as in ha-ha-ha, more The Smile as in the guy who lies to you every day"... speaks Thom Yorke on the inspiration behind the supergroup that consists of his Radiohead bandmate Jonny Greenwood and drummer Tom Skinner of UK jazz outfit Sons of Kemet. The description was borne out of The Smile's acerbic first single "You Will Never Work In Television Again," a 2:48 blast of ragged, pulsing raw energy familiar to "The Bends" era Radiohead. Additional singles "The Smoke", "Skrting the Surface", "Pana-Vision" - which epilly closed the series finale of hit show "Peaky Blinders" - and "Free In The Knowledge" each enpsulate different aspects and dynamics of the project. All are collected on The Smile's double LP, "A Light For Attracting Attention", produced by Nigel Godrich and featuring the London Contemporary Orchestra and a full brass section of UK jazz players.
Stella [Up And Away]

June 17 street date. Stella makes her Sub Pop debut with the mesmerizing "Up And Away", an old-school pop paean to the pangs and raptures of love. From the Greek folk-inflected get-go, we're swept up in her world - and it's quite the ptivating place to be. The singer-songwriter joined forces with artist and producer Tom lvert (aka Redinho), and it was a match made in Athens; the results are heavenly. Her songs have always riffed on Amerin and Greek mid-century pop but "Up And Away" doubles down on the vintage aesthetic. Tom says he styled the record "as if it was a rare gem from the 1960s found in a box of records in Athens", and Stella notes she was ready for a more "deeply Greek touch - it felt comfortable and right, smoothly fusing with the pop". By the end of the "Up And Away", the album's core concerns are clear: the conflicting and conflicted emotions inherent in love, that live on in ways we n't always understand or control.
Trent, Ron [WARM: What Do The Stars Say To You (black)]

June 17 street date. Ron Trent's highly collaborative, reer-topping new LP ‘What Do The Stars Say To You’ took little persuasion to recruit serious star power. Brazilian royalty Ivan Conti and Alex Malheriros from Azymuth, violin maestro Jean Luc Ponty, ambient hero Gigi Masin, hype band Khruangbin and more performed, whilst NY cornerstone Fran?ois K provided mastering duties. At various points Ron himself played drums, percussion, keys, synths, piano, guitar and electronics. Harking back to the 70s and 80s boom in adventurous, luxurious albums, "What Do The Stars Say To You" is a love letter to the long player, where rich musility and a liquid smooth, silky flow make seemingly odd genre bedfellows acquiesce harmoniously. Each song its own high-fidelity odyssey, Trent incorporated a broad range of live instruments and electronics into a sophistited, euphonic whole. This is aural soul food, gently easing you into balmy nights, where everything is alright.
TV Priest [My Other People (LOSER edition-pink smoke coloured)]

June 17 street date. Without a brutal evaluation of their own becoming, TV Priest might have never made their second album. Heralded as the next big thing in post-punk, they were established as a bolshy, sharp-witted outfit, the kind that starts movements with their politil ire. There was of course truth in that, but it was a suit that quickly felt heavy on its wearer's shoulders, leaving little room for true vulnerability. Having made music together since their teenage years, the London four-piece piqued press attention in late 2019 with their first gig as a newly solidified group, a raucous outing in the warehouse district of Hackney Wick. When their debut album "Uppers" arrived in the height of a global pandemic, it reaped praise from critics and fans alike for its "dystopian doublespeak". The tension between existential fear born from the constant uncertainties of life, and an armative, thartic urge to seize the moment, is central to "My Other People", a record that heals by providing space for recognition, a ground zero in which you're welcome to stay awhile but which ultimately only leads up and out. For TV Priest, it is a follow-up that feels truly, properly them; free of bravado, unnecessary bluster or any audience pressure to commit solely to their original sound.
Yaeji [EP 1+2 (opaque jade)]

Please note new street date: July 1. Here is a collection of recordings by Kathy Yaeji Lee, originally released as a pair of EPs on March 31 and November 3 of 2017, remastered for a belated vinyl edition for the first time. A lot has been said and repeated about the interiority of this club music - how the joyful tremor of the "Raingurl" refrain holds hands with such soft and doubtful verses. How special it is that house music so of New York n contain storytelling cultivated so far away. That repetition is born of people all over the world going out, and staying in, with this music as a compass; songs that define so many late night hangs for crews of friends, singalongs in DJ booths, contemplative 5am walks home from the club. Yaeji wrote this music while going out nearly every night of the week to DJ and support her own NYC community of friends at their turns behind the decks. These tracks originated from explorations in dancefloor anonymity, growing from seeds planted by sharing her first musil experiments online.
Young Guv [GUV III & IV (2LP-yellow)]

July 15 street date. In the spring of 2020, Ben Cook (aka Young Governor, Young Guv, or just Guv) was holed up in the New Mexico high desert, his U.S. tour having been abruptly Covid-ncelled during a southwest swing. In a place he never expected to be, under circumstances no one could have predicted, and in the face of physil isolation, emotional desolation, and existential dread, Ben created "GUV III & IV", a collection of songs dedited and testifying to the eternal healing power of love - how to find it in the world, in others, and most importantly, in himself.
Zola Jesus [Arkhon (eco mix coloured)]

Please note new street date: June 24. There is a way a voice n cut through the fascia of reality, cleaving through habit into the raw nerve of experience. Nika Roza Danilova, the singer, songwriter, and producer who since 2009 has released music as Zola Jesus, wields a voice that does that. When you hear it, it is like you are being summoned to a place that's already wrapped inside you but obscured from conscious experience. This place has been buried beuse it tends to hold pain, but it's also a gift, beuse once it's opened, once you're inside of it, it n show you the truth. Zola Jesus's new album, "Arkhon", finds new ways of loosing this submerged, stalled pain. "Arkhon" sees Zola Jesus's first collaboration with producer Randall Dunn (Sunn O))), Earth, Mandy soundtrack, ndyman soundtrack) and with drummer and percussionist Matt Chamberlain, whose prior work appears on albums by Fiona Apple, Bob Dylan, and David Bowie. Through these turns, Arkhon reveals itself as an album whose power derives from abandon. Both its turmoils and its pleasures take root in the body, letting individual consciousness dissolve into the thick of the beat.

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